Free Premium Church Website Templates

Our themes are easy to customize for your church. Let's setup your church website today!

Our church themes are free to use. You are just paying for the hosting which is handled by our team. We include all the features needed to run a successful church website. We hope you enjoy our template designs once you go through our 1 minute signup process.

Only $7.95 Per Month

You can enjoy great support from our team when working with your church template.

  • Easy Website Setup

    We are happy to announce we have built an easy solution for churches to build their website at an affordable cost. Getting your church website is now easier than ever working with the PSDCenter team!

    Three Easy Steps For A Free Church Website Theme!

    Select your Church Template you like
    We set you with our Hosting Solution
    We guide you to manage your new Church Website

    Take the time to check our top of the line custom templates we have for churches. This will help you manage your news, events, photos, and more!

  • Platform to Make Easy Changes

    For an affordable cost you can now manage all your needs with our box solution that have been success for many churches and businesses!

    The key to success when building a website is the following. You need an easy to change platform. This is why we choose Wordpress. You will have full access to change your website. It is also really simple for you to just update content, build pages, add images. Our documents make it even easier for you to manage your new Church Website Template that we will help run for you. Our solution is great because it removes the cost of the template and makes it free if you use our hosting platform. So there is no extra cost to run your church website and you get a great design for free!

  • Support For Your Theme

    The next thing you need to do, is have a reliable partner for support. Our team offers support on any bugs issues that you will face with our theme. Even better, if you go with our hosting plan, you will get consultative support when needed. Just send in a ticket to our team and we will help you and give you next steps on your question.

  • Grow Your Members

    This is a great opportunity for you to build a following of people through your website. It has never been easier to manage and this is all made possible by the tools and setup that we create for you at PSDCenter. Do not worry, we will not just sell you our theme and leave you hanging. Our dedicated team is hear to help!